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Positive patient identification for blood transfusions and blood work

Our Securline® Bar Code Blood Band accurately matches the right patient to the right blood, ensuring maximum safety throughout the blood transfusion process. The Securline® Bar Code Blood Bands satisfy industry requirements for a one-person verification process. Bar code technology aids in the prevention of misidentification caused by human error and provides improved workflow efficiency allowing caregivers to focus their time on patient care.

Additional features include:

  • Unrivaled scanability, safety, and security
  • Larger font (10pt.) for increased legibility
  • Total of 20 matching labels (8 barcode/alphanumeric on wristband; 12 bar code/alphanumeric on drawtube tail)
  • Streamlining of the blood transfusion process and improved patient safety by reducing human errors related to patient identification
  • Time and money savings through streamlining the patient ID and blood transfusion workflow and minimizing paperwork
  • Seamless integration with existing blood bank system, so there’s no IT
  • Patented dual-purpose, the hybrid style allows for handwritten  information or use with your LIS label
  • Standardized and consolidated to a single blood band, even if with multiple labs
  • Downtime solution allowing for handwritten documentation on the band as a back-up
  • Inpatient or outpatient use
  • Laminate shield protects patient information and bar code from water or solvents for accurate bar code scanning
  • Advanced material resists moisture, alcohol, and hand sanitizer to preserve bar code integrity for accurate scanning
  • V-Notch™ patient ID label ensures proper placement on BD Vacutainer for bar code scanning and visibility of tube color
  • Meets The Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goal for blood transfusions for a one-person verification system


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