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Shield Wristbands, Patient ID Wristbands



Shield Wristbands – Protecting valuable patient information

Cancard’s shield wristbands can be used with laser or thermally printed labels as inserts thanks to their self-adhesive, anti-glare shield design.   Our shield wristbands protect critical printed patient data from fluid saturation and provide superb first-time barcode read rates.  Our Shield wristbands are water-resistant, strong, and durable, yet they remain lightweight and comfortable for patients to wear.  Our Shield wristbands boast the following additional features:

  • A laminating shield protecting patient information
  • Support of text, barcodes and graphics
  • Use with In-A-Snap® clasps
  • Non-transferable, secure patented SecurSnap® closure providing maximum security

affecting the admitting wristband.   These bands are offered blank or with a customization option to suit any healthcare provider‘s need.


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