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MC-L2 Lamination Module - Single Side Lower Cassette

Matica’s MC-L2 lamination module meets the
growing demand for durable and secure, tamperresistant cards. It can be easily connected to the
Matica MC310 Direct-to-Card printer by using
the connection plinth, which also serves as a
useful lockable storage unit for blank cards,
lamination materials and/or cleaning kits.
Easy to install and operate, the MC-L2 lamination
module features a quick heating process and
fast laminating performance. Its simultaneous
dual-side lamination process enables both
sides of the card to be laminated in less than 20
MC-L2 provides an extra layer of protection
and security which is essential for government
credentialing, state driver’s licenses and for
organizations with extra security requirements.
In addition, the enhanced mechanical resistance
provided by lamination patches signifi cantly
improves durability and can extend card life for
up to 10 years.
The MC-L2 is available in 3 diff erent
confi gurations to suit your card lamination
• Single-sided lower cassette only
• Single-sided upper cassette only
• Dual-sided with lower and upper cassettes

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