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Sense Quad-LT Corridor/Room - Ultrasound & Battery Powered

Quad-LTs (location transmitters) are the devices used in our Sense™ RTLS platform. They are wireless (power over Ethernet (PoE) optional), multi-function, battery-operated (4 standard D cell 1.5V standard batteries) devices that are mounted on ceilings (via simple clips) or walls and are assigned unique identifications (IDs). These LTs transmit ultrasound signals that are synchronized by gateways and are then picked up by tags/badges that also have a unique ID. When the tags/badges receive the location information from the LTs, they communicate that location via Wi-Fi to a server, providing the exact location of that tag at the exact moment the signal is received. Ultrasound LTs can combine both ultrasound and low frequency transmitters in a single unit and enhance positioning accuracy as well as the update rate of the SmartTags and SmartBadges that receive the ultrasound signal.

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This transmitter can be used to create defined zones. A single LT supports up to 4 RTLS zones and is typically deployed to create virtual, ultrasonic walls, accurately dividing the room or creating chokepoints using the ultrasound channels, low frequency (LF) radio or a combination of both. LF chokepoints are Cisco CCX compatible and can for example be used to divide floors and areas with high accuracy and reliability. Through a combination of Sonitor Sense LTs, a virtually unlimited number of zones, of any size, can be created in rooms and larger areas.

Key Features:

  • A single device provides up to four distinct zones allowing for full flexibility with fewer devices

  • Wireless, 3-5 year battery life from 4 standard D cell 1.5V alkaline batteries

  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE) option

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