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SmartTag Mini™

SmartTag Minis are small form factor tags designed for use with the Sonitor Sense RTLS Platform. These tags are equipped with either one or two buttons that can be pressed to initiate a variety of alerts and notifications via third-party software applications. Examples of alerts and notifications include staff assist and nurse rounding. The multi-colored LED on the tag illuminates as a visual confirmation when a button is pressed. The SmartTag Mini supports industry standard 802.11 positioning and communication, allowing it to be deployed in virtually any existing or new enterprise Wi-Fi infrastructure.



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These tags can be worn by patients, residents, or other individuals using a variety of wristbands and other accessories for attachment.


Key Features: 

  • Designed with the logic to know their location

  • They communicate a change in position instantly over a facility's Wi-Fi network

  • They deliver true real-time location status

  • They provide the contextual information such as location, time and person or item

  • They deliver industry-leading battery life for low maintenance and cost


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